Benefits of a Pipette Tip Filling Machine

Posted by annaon April 15, 2022 

If you're looking for a convenient way to load a large number of disposable and bulk-stored pipette tips, you should look into investing in a pipette tip filling machine. The following are some benefits of these machines. As they can be automated, they can be used to fill multiple sizes of pipette tips quickly and efficiently. Below, we've outlined the most popular types.

Pipette tips are loaded onto the rack at a perpendicular orientation. The narrow dispensing orifice of the tip is then immobilized in the rack, and the fitting opening protrudes upwards. This provides a uniform dispensing surface. Pipette tips are then dropped into a hole within the pipette tip rack, where they are positioned at one of the rack's holes.

Integrated filters and gun heads are essential components for pipette tip filling machine. They reduce human error and cross-contamination. The TipBox machine allows users to achieve 50 to 100 seconds per box and can accommodate various pipette tip sizes. The machine can also be equipped with a sterilization lamp to maintain a sterile environment. Another major benefit of a pipette tip filling machine is the ability to customize it to a customer's specific pipette tip and filter element sizes.

The machine is a valuable investment for a laboratory. The high-quality components are precision imported and durable. Its multi-station design can accommodate all types of pipette bores and their respective tips. Moreover, the machine is designed to minimize the labor and downtime associated with the manual filling process. This machine is also easy to use, so that a laboratory assistant can quickly start using it with minimal supervision.

In addition to being cost-efficient, the pipette tip filling machine can be used in laboratories as well as large-scale production. The machine has a rack that stores pipette tips in 96-separate storage bins. The machine is also able to sort these tips in one-degree-of-freedom racks. Once they are sorted, the pipettes can be loaded in the rack.

pipette tip filling machine

The machine is compatible with most brands and types of pipettes. Its automatic tip filling process also ensures that the pipette tips are 400% tighter than the average pipette tip. Additionally, it allows users to use non-filtered and filtered pipettes. With these machines, contaminants are avoided and the pipette tips are free from contamination. So, this machine can save time and money for laboratories. For more information, you can have a peek over Tip Loader for pipette tips refill.

Refill Pipette Tip Rack

If you use a lot of pipette tips, you'll want to consider using a refill pipette tip rack. These handy devices are convenient, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. The Fastrak tip refill rack is particularly impressive, due to its low carbon footprint and sustainability features. You can see the Fastrak in action in the video below. Here's how it works:

This eco-friendly pipette tip system includes a reusable box, StackPacks, and SingleRefills. These products are designed to reduce plastic materials and packaging volume, while ensuring sterility. The tip itself is made of 100% pure polypropylene. The tips are biocompatible and are CE marked as in vitro diagnostic products. Some refill pipette tips are also free of PCR inhibitors and ATP. The refill pipette tip is compatible with most pipettors and is easy to use.

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